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Buchen Sie einen Aufenthalt im Seerausch Swiss Quality Hotel, Beckenried. Preisgarantie. Reisende mögen das hilfsbereite Personal. Nutzen Sie die Terrasse Farbrausch [FR] type prodname platform release party release date avg popularity last comment; demotool Windows BeRoEXEPacker: june 2006: 10: 1: 0: 0.91 60%. rulez 2020-07-14 18:42:11 :. Farbrausch [FR] type prodname platform release party release date avg popularity last comment; demo JavaScript Bossa de Cores (with 5711, Accession) The Meteoriks - New Talent. 1 st at inérciaDemoparty 2020: october 2020 : 64: 3: 0: 0.96 64%. rulez 2021-08-17 20:39:05 : demo JavaScript from far away, with love (with 5711) 2 nd at Field-FX 2020: july 2020: 13: 0: 0: 1.00 54%. rulez 2020-09-21.

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[23:51:55] <Diamondy> farbrausch killed creativity. [23:52:43] <Diamondy> they made the pc scene turn more into the mindless polygon chasing. rulez added on the 2007-04-09 01:27:30 by Hatikvah. breathtaking demo, OMG! rulez cdc added on the 2007-04-09 01:27:47 by substrate. No words for this. rulez added on the 2007-04-09 01:28:08 by zehbra. Best fucking engine ever. Period. rulez cdc added on. Farbrausch [FR] type prodname platform release party release date avg popularity last comment; 64k Windows fr-minus-013: eskimonologie: 2 nd at the Ultimate Meeting 2008: december 2008: 3: 7: 19-0.55 64%. sucks 2009-05-03 00:47:40 : 8k Windows fr-minus-022: No 8k Just Party Coding: 6 th at Revision 2018: april 2018: 4: 1: 0: 0.80 53%. isok 2018-04-11 17:03:10. Farbrausch [FR] type prodname platform release party release date avg popularity last comment; 64k Windows fr-minus-013: eskimonologie: 2 nd at the Ultimate Meeting 2008: december 2008 : 3: 7: 19-0.55 64%. sucks 2009-05-03 00:47:40 : 4k Windows fr-minus-011: gitterrausch: 7 th at Evoke 2008: august 2008: 7: 16: 20-0.30 63%. isok 2012-01-14 02:54:47 : 64k Windows fr-minus-03: farbomat: 4 th at.

The name Farbrausch translates literally to color rush, where rush means variously intoxication, drunkenness, high, ecstasy, and state of euphoria.. Their work has won numerous awards Farbrausch, auch farb-rausch, ist eine deutsche Demo-Gruppe.. Geschichte. Mit der Veröffentlichung des Intros fr-08: .the .product im Dezember 2000 hat Farbrausch in der Demoszene große Bekanntheit erzielt. Ihr Demo fr-025: the.popular.demo, das auf der Breakpoint 2003 veröffentlicht wurde, hat auch weit über die Grenzen der Szene hinaus Bekanntheit erlangt this is the homepage of the demo group farbrausch. here you can browse and download all our productions. you can also explore the farbrausch universe by following the links of the individual members, seeing many of the productions they made for other groups, especially before they joined farbrausch. is this the new pouet? no no no. visitors can't add productions, only farbrausch members can do.

1st place in combined demo compo at Icons 2007fr-055: 828 by farbrausch More Infos and download at Pouet: http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=2973 fr-02: raum, klang und design by farbrausch, released 2000-02-18. this demo won the demo compo at ambience 2000. without being entered Farbrausch Pouet • Download. Rupture ASD Pouet • Download. Frameranger CNCD, Fairlight, Orange Pouet • Download. Shad 3 Cocoon Pouet • Download. Into The Pink Plastic Pouet • Download. Happiness Is Around The Bend ASD Pouet • Download. Rove Farbrausch Pouet • Download. Bonus Feature: Intros These intros are also included on the Blu-ray disc. Quoted readme:farbrausch @ breakpoint 2007fr-041: d e b r i s .credits:visuals, direction: theunitedstatesofamerica (aka fiver2)code: chaos, rygsoundtrack:.

.kkapture by farbrausch, released 2005-04-01. KOSMOPLOVCI DEMOS IN HD Wed, 02 Dec 2009 20:00:00 +0100 we have just released some of our demos in 720p HD captures (h264/aac), in respect to their full intended glory. demos in question are p351, the lost religion of light and altp08, all of them not previously released in any video form due to inability of our old compression techniques (xvid/mp3. 1st place in pc 64k compo at The Party 2000When this demo came out I was so impressed by what Farbrausch was able to produce within 64kbyte of filesize, that..

1st place in pc demo compo at Breakpoint 2007fr-041: debris. by farbrausch The size of this demo is 177kb !From Readme: visuals, direction: theunitedstateso.. More than 6 years after the release of the demo, with absolutely no word from any of the developers, and with each of the developers having websites that haven't been updated in years (Except Yfinder, who's website www.yfinder.de has been actively updated until just a few months ago) fr-029: dopplerdefekt by farbrausch, released 2002-12-2 fr-minus-06: ghettorocker by farbrausch, released 2003-04-0

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Farbrausch FR-63 Magellan Demo captured with maximum settings and AA using Kkapture, so it always fast and better than official version here. Uploaded as los.. Fuckings to all who thumb down a production just because it uses Werkzeug. The Bat of guideline told me that Werkzeug helped them to become active again after many years of inactivity, so now at Scene Event they even almost finished another demo which was fully coded by themselves, so thumbs up to Guideline and thumbs up to Farbrausch as well for releasing werkzeug and for being such a. Demovibes 12 released show. After more than six years of silence, Demovibes 12 has been released! 80 minutes mixtape full of high quality demoscene soundtracks, picking releases from the years 1999 - 2020. Stream or download Demovibes 12 on https://demovibes.org and spread the word if you like

Debris. by Farbrausch, winner of the demo competition at Breakpoint 2007 in Bingen, Germany. Concept and visuals by fiver2, soundtrack by rp and sound effe.. Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Farbrausch gibt es bei eBay

fr-08: .the .product by Farbrausch :: pouët.ne

by 5711 & Farbrausch & Accession. Start Fullscreen. Start Windowed. made with cables. View sheet music. View lyrics. pouet demozoo youtube soundcloud bandcamp. A demo for Inércia 2020 by darya, jeenio and kb. A demo for Inércia 2020 by darya, jeenio and kb. fr-063: Magellan by farbrausch: platform : Windows: type : demo: release date : 2010-12-28: 5: 0: made using : werkkzeug4: aTom: graphics: chaos: code: kb: supply: Tron: code: wayfinder: music, graphics: links: share: added on the 2010-12-08 by chaos : comments 1..7 : I liked it lot, everything is great, especially those marvellous bobs and of course the ending mandelbulb world :) Congrat for. 1. demo Windows fr-041: debris. by Farbrausch. Scene.org Awards - best direction; Scene.org Awards - best demo (Nominee) Scene.org Awards - best effects (Nominee) Scene.org Awards - public choice (Nominee) 802 33 25 100%. 2. 4k Windows elevated by Rgba & TBC. Scene.org Awards - best 4k intro.

by Farbrausch. Released 28 December 2016; 2nd in the Under Construction 2016 PC High-End 64k / Demo competition; Windows; All screenshots; Add screenshot; Downloads. Edit; Download (scene.org) - file info. External links. Edit; Pouët; YouTube; Tags. Edit; Know something about this production that we don't? Tell us something! Credits. Edit; BeRo - Code, Graphics, Music Last edited on 28 Oct. Windows - 64K Intro. Farbrausch and Vacuum. Apr 2019. fr-087: snake charmer. Windows - Demo. Farbrausch. Jun 2017. fr-086: The Race (Party Version) Windows - 64K Intro fr-083: What is time by Farbrausch on Pouet #6 - Mond by TeVe. A short intro with the Moon theme that features interesting cell rendering technique. The visuals are synced to the music. Once again, the mysterious author (or authors) left no information about credits. There is a short text in Hungarian inside the archive, though: Villog, homalyos, rangat es szaggat!. Well, that explains. I had been looking at some old Nvidia demos on youtube and came across some demos by Farbrausch, which in turn lead me to the site. I had recently posted in the driver feedback thread, asking Nvidia to update their demos and wallpapers with something new. The G-SYNC Pendulum Demo and Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Demo, were the last ones made and that was during the Maxwell generation. So I asked. fr-minus-013: eskimonologie by farbrausch, released 2008-12-2

Bossa de Cores by 5711 & Farbrausch & Accession :: pouët

  1. Farbrausch fr-025: the.popular.demo, winner of Breakpoint 2003 [pouet] Links. Demoparties Assembly; Breakpoint (formerly named Mekka/Symposium) Wikipedia page on the Demoscene; Scene.org - the best place to look for demo releases; Scene.org Awards page; The Hornet Archive, hosted by Scene.org - back in the 90s this was on of the main demo repositories; MindCandy DVD - two DVDs.
  2. by Farbrausch. Released 20 April 2014. 5th in the Revision 2014 PC 8k intro competition. Windows. Previous Next. All screenshots. Add screenshot
  3. .kkrieger ist ein Ego-Shooter der deutschen Demo-Gruppe.theprodukkt (ehemaliger Teil von Farbrausch), welcher im April 2004 bei dem 96k-Spiele-Wettbewerb auf der Breakpoint den ersten Platz gewann. Bis zuletzt (2014) befand sich das Spiel im Beta-Stadiu

Pouet.net. 2,195 likes · 3 talking about this. pouët.net :: your online demoscene resourc On-line Spiel Farbrausch. Farbrausch wikipedia. Farbrausch, or farbrausch, is a german group of demomakers who became well known in the demoscene in december 2000 with a 64k intro called fr08.The.Product. The demo achieved its small size through the use of procedural textures, a custom midibased software synthesizer v2 (controlled through a.

Windows - 64K Intro. Farbrausch. Aug 2015. fr-minus-020: Compofilla. Windows - 4K Intro. BeRo / Farbrausch. Aug 2015. fr-minuz-019: Hertz an Hertz Turbo Strobe Augen Schmerz Edition. Windows - Demo hedelmae.fi Hedelmae » 2007 » June . Demo competition - a contest held at a party (or online) Assembly -demo party - the biggest party in Finland (and has been the biggest on the planet some years ago) Go to pouet.net and download some :) -fragment Yay, Portal Process and Excess are together doing something for the XBOX360 Invitation for NVScene 2008. Released 24 March 2008. 1st in the Breakpoint 2008 PC Demo competition. Windows. Previous Next. All screenshots. Add screenshot Farbrausch, also farb-rausch, is a German demo group.. history. With the release of the intro fr-08: .the .product in December 2000, Farbrausch achieved great popularity in the demo scene.Their demo fr-025: the.popular.demo, which was published at Breakpoint 2003, has also gained notoriety far beyond the scene's borders.. In 2004 the division of farbrausch .theprodukkt released a 96 kB small. pouet.net, umfangreiche Datenbank mit Links, Screenshots und Rückblicken auf viele Demos aller Rechnerplattformen . Juni 2001) ausführliches Interview (2Std., OGG, 100 MB) mit KB von Farbrausch bei Nerdalert auf FSK (13. Mai 2009) Podcast mit Demo Musik und Überblick über die Demoszene Interview auf funkUP - Campusradio Potsdam (23. Januar 2013) Demoszene: Hollywood in 64 Kilobyte.

Andromeda Software Development. 949 likes. Andromeda Software Development (or simply ASD) is a Greek demogroup Screenshot of demo Farbrausch - Debris. Obviously, one has to ask question, how it is possible to pack something like 5 minute long 3D video with music into space such as 64kb? Well, there are more techniques, but I will mention mainly one: procedural generation. It can be used to create models or textures. It is basically about using an algorithm to generate model or texture. Few cool demos. Farbrausch s'est principalement illustré dans la catégorie intro 64k, avec des démos telles que the product, les débris, ainsi que the popular demo. Farbrausch a conçu un logiciel, le Werkkzeug, qu'ils utilisent pour créer leurs animations. Ce logiciel est donc capable de créer des textures, des objets 3D, des animations de haute qualité ainsi que de synchroniser la musique avec l. mini x86. A x86 documentation, disassembler and emulator (in pure JS) optimized for running (MS-DOS) .COM files Farbrausch s'est principalement illustré dans la catégorie intro 64k, avec des démos telles que the product, les débris, ainsi que the popular demo. Farbrausch a conçu un logiciel, le Werkkzeug, qu'ils utilisent pour créer leurs animations. Ce logiciel est donc capable de créer des textures, des objets 3D, des animations de haute

fr-025: the.popular.demo by Farbrausch :: pouët.ne

Demoscene. The demoscene is a worldwide community of artists and programmers creating visuals and music using programming techniques. They use realtime rendering to create pieces of art that are akin to music videos or short films; they utilize a variety of computer platforms ranging from modern to vintage, and sometimes their work adheres to. Farbrausch zum Feierabend. kebby has 7 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub Only one wish by Fairlight & The Black Lotus. Pouet | Download. Masagin - NVision 08 Invitation by Farbrausch & Neuro. Pouet | Download. Inflorescence by Mfx. Pouet | Download. Into the Pink by Plastic. Pouet | Download. The Seeker by Still Farbrausch Jan 2002 Cubic Player v2.6.0pre6 - Code (additional) , Other (help system

fr-030: candytron by Farbrausch :: pouët

  1. Talk:Farbrausch. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The releases section is too large for the article. I'd suggest doing away with the table, including screenshots for only one or two important releases, and listing general releases line by line. -- Vossanova 20:58, 1 February 2006 (UTC) I kinda agree, originally it was just a list, then KB added screenshots and then I changed it to a gallery.
  2. ated demos. Best releases of the year are awarded..
  3. Demoscene. 5,275 likes · 43 talking about this. The Demoscene is a digital art subculture that specializes in producing demos.They're non-interactive audio-visual presentations that run in real-time..
  4. Ein Vortrag von /madonius auf der GPN19.. Demos sind live-gerenderte Computergrafikanimationen, die oft mit einer Größenbeschränknung daherkommen. Verschiedene Gruppen versuchen sich gegenseitig mit Stil, epischem Effektbombastement und technischer Raffinesse zu überbieten und das ganze im Zweifelsfall in obszön kleine Dateigröße zu packen
  5. Dump of fr-041: debris demo from Breakpoint 2007 release party. Demo is released by farbrausch group on AS IS license. Please visit the farbrausch homepag
  6. us-09: human sources von Farbrausch ; Ferner von Stil

Pouet.net. Gefällt 2.200 Mal · 2 Personen sprechen darüber. pouët.net :: your online demoscene resourc The demoscene is a worldwide non-commercial network of creative minds involved in the making of so called 'demos'. Demos are computer generated music clips that show what kind of graphic and sound effects can really be done by using high-end computer hardware to its full potential. For more Info about the demoscene please the our about the. Kkrieger / the fps game in 96kb (full gameplay) youtube. Download. Kkrieger: chapter 1 (windows) my abandonware. The game. Kkrieger has a file size of 96 kb. | download scientific. Kkrieger wikipedia. Kkrieger:: farbrausch. Com:: your online worshipping resource. Github farbrausch/fr_public: farbrausch demo tools 2001-2011 Revision. 3,262 likes. Revision Online is taking place from April 2nd to 5th 2021. Competitions and socializing are the main features of this pure demoscene event Im Archiv von pouet. Als Video auf YouTube . Ein Beispiel für ein Musikvideo im Animationsfilmstil: Wir sind Einstein von United Force & Digital Dynamite (Code: Barna Buza aka BoyC, Graphics/Music: András Kövér aka slyspy, Ungarn 2010, 4:06), 4. Platz im PC-Demo-Wettbewerb von Breakpoint 2010. Wir sind Einstein FullHD Video auf YouTube . Kreatives Coding: fr-093: Technology.

.theprodukkt :: farbrausch.com :: your online worshipping ..

fr-066: farbrausch 3

Solex by Oxygene (1996) - Pouet.net link. 10. RP - Poem to a horse FR-019 : Poem to a horse by Farbrausch (2002) - Pouet.net link. 11. Ikhyon - 7cf 7cf by Moppi (1999) - Pouet.net link 12. Vic - Keep on going FR-031 : Faded memories by Farbrausch (2003) - Pouet.net link. 13. Db - Kromi Chrome by Damage (2000) - Pouet.net link. pouët.net - your online demoscene resource. well im not sure if i say 'ok' since i couldnt do better myself but im still drooling over debris so that makes 'ok' a great compliment like woaw i wish i could do that but thumbsup for farbrausch hmm (well it wasnt too meaningful at first, was it) im clearly not used to human interaction anymore good stuff :D , i was looking for demo. FR-011 by Farbrausch (2001) - Pouet.net link. 06. Virgill - Mystified Wonder by Sunflower (1999) - Pouet.net link. 07. Acidbeat - Sine confusio Nature v2.0 by Threepixels (2001) - Pouet.net link. 08. Willbe + Chaosnet - Purple part.2 Purple by Orion (2000) - Pouet.net link. 09. Basehead - K-wak K-wak by K-rad Productions & DC5 (2003) - Pouet.net link. 10. Yez - Bakkslide. Fr-037: The Code Inside by MFX and Farbrausch (2004) - Pouet.net link. 14. Dune - Kusi The Secret Life of Mr. Black by Orange (1997) - Pouet.net link. 15. Radix & Jazz - Dandruff Groove Deus Ex Machina by Limited Edition (1997) - Pouet.net link. 16. Dhg - Shrooms Shrooms by Bypass (2001) - Pouet.net link. 17. Teis - Eurochart 40 Intro Eurochart 40 Intro by Spaceballs (2000. FR-025 - The Popular Demo by Farbrausch (2003) - Pouet.net link. 3. Tip & Firefox - Hyperbased (Moonove remix) Enigma by Phenomena (1991) - Pouet.net link. 4. Sumo Lounge - IX (Willbe remix) Ix by Moppi Productions (2003) - Pouet.net link. 5. Jester - Harm me with Harmony (Moonove remix) Roots 2 by sanity (1995) - Pouet.net link. 6. LFODD - World Domination (Willbe remix.

Farbrausch - Wikipedi

Heaven 7 by Exceed (2000) - Pouet.net link. 07. Wayfinder feat. Mike May - FR-025 Soundtrack FR-025 - The Popular Demo by Farbrausch (2003) - Pouet.net link. 08. Redribbon & Med - Red Line (live at St(Art)04) Red Line by Mandarine & Condense (2003) - Pouet.net link. 09. Gemini - Only Kings and Bette by Farbrausch. Released 21 April 2003; 2nd in the Breakpoint 2003 PC 64K Intro competition; Windows; All screenshots; Add screenshot; Downloads. Edit; Download (scene.org) - file info. Download (scene.org) - file info. Download (scene.org) - file.

Discuss at pouet.net Download. LED the sun shine in your heart by Vacuum Discuss at pouet.net Download. Deep in the Air by Farbrausch & Vacuum Discuss at pouet.net Download. Who's coming? Here are the approved visitors: [!--#ECHO VAR=WebbesSettings.Visitors.HTMLVisitorStats] Underground Conference 9 - Site by scamp, graphics by Cobalt. farbrausch. 2000. the product will make you happy. fr-08: .the product. the competition at the party 2000 must have been the most exciting moment in my life. the reactions by the audience were simply .overwhelming. thank you, everybody. i will never forget that moment. download. elitegroup. 1999. we are very good. kasparov. the best thing ever created by the united states of america of.

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  1. d, elix, fairlight, farbrausch, fl1ne, fms_cat, frag, future crew, jetlag, kalium cyanide group, logicoma, mercury, nonoil, orange, orbitaldecay, poo-brain, proxium, quite, sensenstahl, still, systemk, t-rex, the nephelims, throb, titan, tomohiro, vaahtera.
  2. Auch Farbrausch war natürlich auf der Revision 2011 vertreten und erreichte mit Auf der Szene-Webseite pouet.net sind neben den besten PC-Demos der Revision 2011 auch viele Demos aus den.
  3. Breakpoint was a German demoscene party.From 2003 to 2010, it took place annually at Easter in Bingen.. Breakpoint was the successor to the legendary Mekka & Symposium.With over 1000 visitors, it was the world's biggest pure demoscene-party, attracting demosceners from not only Germany, but also from other European countries (e.g. Sweden, Finland, Poland, Spain), or even from overseas (for.
  4. demoscene.tv - adan - pouet.net - cocoon - orion - wipe - demoscene stories - french collective - fairlight - mfx - farbrausch - ukscene allstars - calodox - katastro.fi - orb - titan - excess - moppi productions - kewlers - popsy team - xplsv - bypass. email : willbe@williamlamy.com - web : willbe-music.com. follow @willbe_musi
  5. g sites and pick up a maximum of tutorials on how to code small effects in OpenGL or.

fr-055: 828 by farbrausch (FullHD 1080p HQ demoscene demo

  1. This article is all about a tiny MS DOS program called Memories. This program has a size of 256 bytes and won the PC 256 byte competition of the demoscene event Revision in 2020, as well as the public choice award
  2. Farbrausch, or Farb-rausch, is a German group of demomakers who made themselves particularly famous in the demoscene in December 2000 with a 64kB intro called fr-08: .the .product. Farbrausch literally translates to rave of color, color rush or color frenzy in English. Using techniques like procedural textures, scenes and animations together with a high-quality software synthesizer.
  3. If you want to enjoy this prod at a higher resolution than the available ones, set a BP at 00401203 (after UPX unpacking), then change the EAX (width) and EDX (height) registers. In order to avoid glitches, try to stick to multiples of the original resolutions. rulez added on the 2014-09-27 12:06:13 by pouet_user2
  4. Auf der Zielgeraden sind Farbrausch mit ihrer Supernova fr-063: Der geht an eine Produktion, die gar nicht offiziell auf Pouet.net oder Scene.org, also den beiden wichtigsten Release.
  5. Farbrausch demonstriert, was sich mit 64 Kilobyte anstellen lassen. Einen Überblick über die verschiedenen Wettbewerbsbeiträge gibt es bei Pouet.net und Demozoo, Videos werden nach und nach auf.

fr-02: raum, klang und design :: farbrausch

  1. ix86: x86 (MS-DOS) documentation, disassembler and emulator - WI
  2. 4. The Cube. Farbrausch. Website. No roundup of the current demoscene is complete without the innovative Farbrausch group. Weighing in at 809kB for the main executable (and 5MB for its packed data.
  3. farbrausch has become popular for products like .the product and the.popular.demo. electronic artists like chaos, cp, exoticorn, giZMo, kb, paniq, rp, visualice, wayfinder and yoda have joined under this demo.scene.label to make you happy. farbrausch will save the world

MindCandy Volume 3: PC Demos 2003-2010 on Blu-ray and DV

Farbrausch - fr-041: debris (live @ Breakpoint 2007

Dump of fr-025: the.popular.demo demo from Breakpoint 2003 release party. Demo is released by farbrausch group on AS IS license. Please visit the farbrausch Function demoscene meeting. 1,051 likes. Function is currently the biggest Hungarian demoscene party, a 3-day computer-related event where creators and fans of underground digital art compare their..

.kkapture :: farbrausch.com :: your online worshipping ..

Dieses Gesicht, das Fell, ihre Augen! Wir sind sprachlos. Dann winkt schon die nächste Hommage an Farbrausch, denn ein knuffiger Hund mit süßen Schlappohren rückt ins Bild. Allerdings ein. Buenzli - Swiss Demoscene Festival. 405 likes. Buenzli (Demodays) - The Annual Swiss Demoscene Festival Demoscene TV App version 1.0 is available for free on App Store! After 15.02.2010, it will be available in full version for 9.90Euros/year for VOD & Playlists, to support Demoscene.tv, but Channels access will remain free Auf dem Video-Sektor beispielsweise. Genau da haben wir die besten Tänzer seit dem legendären Popular Demo von Farbrausch entdeckt. Es ist schier unglaublich, was Method Design an tanzbaren.

Scenemon by Farbrausch & Rebels :: pouëtfr-087: snake charmer by Farbrausch - DemozooDune BBS (1) by Tiny Toons :: pouëtfr-093: Technology by BeRo / Farbrausch - DemozooBossa de Cores by 5711 + Accession + Farbrausch - Demozoo

On April 29 we ran #BüNZLIREBOOT 2, beaming demoscene hits and none-too-forgotten gems on the giant new screen at Dock18, part of the Rote Fabrik in Zürich. This was the second demoscene event organised by SODA and Echtzeit, following on the momentum of our show at the Lichtspiel in December. At least thirty people joined in over the course. > > hat Farbrausch gar nicht mitgemacht? > > Sind doch sonst immer an den Top-Plätzen... > > Nö. In der Jury saßen evtl. ein paar Leute die > Ahnung haben, nicht nur Pickel-Pizza-Nerds? Komm doch einfach bei der BreakPoint vorbei, stell Dich auf die Bühne und erzähl uns doch was für ein Schwachsinn Du von Dir gibst. Re: Nanu.. Autor: olleIcke 14.08.07 - 17:05 BOFH schrieb: > Komm doch. It was the winning 64k intro from Farbrausch, FR-08: .the .product, that briefly drew demoscene attention back to The Party and gave the organizers enough hope to declare the next party's motto Back To The Roots. But that promise fell flat as demosceners saw little effort to back it. Sceners complained about constant harassment by both the local security people (who would constantly search.

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